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Electricity problems - how ChiFRA can help.
Written by Colin Wood   
Saturday, 29 November 2008

I have noted with interest the thread on the mycadiz forum in relation to the 'fines' imposed by Endesa on households that have been, or are being, connected to mains supply via a 'private scheme'.  It is my understanding that the amounts of the ‘fines’ seem to vary between €1500 to €1600 and is a figure calculated by Endesa to represent the amount of electricity deemed to have been consumed illegally.

Quite rightly there are people who are justifiably aggrieved by having to pay this money as they have not consumed any illegal electricity, and there will be others who will have been disconnected at an early stage of their occupancy and would not have drawn anywhere near this figure.

The CFRA legal advisor Juan Antonio Rodriguez Garcia has already represented a number of people at the offices of Endesa in San Fernando over this issue and he is kindly offering to represent Association members, en bloc, free of charge.  I need to emphasise that he can only do this if he is able to take many cases to San Fernando at the same time. If individual cases cannot be resolved by a single visit to Endesa and become more complicated then Juan Antonio will be happy to provide quotations for any further work that may be required but he will discount his fees to members of ChiFRA  by up to 25%.

Members, who have had this ‘fine’ imposed on them, and who would like to take advantage of this service please complete the online contact form with your name, address, NIE, telephone number and how much you have been asked to pay, plus of course any other information that may be of use.  We will then forward your request to Juan Antonio for his information and he or one of his colleagues will contact you.

Non-members of the Association who wish to be represented by Juan Antonio will have to pay the normal Bar Association rates,  but may well benefit from being part of a large group of claimants. However by joining CFRA you too can take advantage of this legal service. You can join online here.

Colin Wood

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